Mini Vacation

I have been absent for a little while.  It is because I went on a much-needed mini vacation to see my bff Nika in Florida!  It was a quick 4 day getaway but man was it fabulous!  I got there last Thursday in the early evening.  Nika picked me up at the Fort Lauderdale airport and we drove to Homestead where she lives.  Before arriving at her house we went to a little local Mexican restaurant for something different.  It was delicious!  I am not great at picking things when it comes to new places and menus filled with LOTS to pick from but luckily my friend sent me in the right direction!  I had a Texas Chipotle Chicken Burrito (if I remember correctly).  After eating we went back to her house and chilled out before heading to bed.

Friday morning we headed off to FIU where Nika works and is a student.  I went to class with her and listened to some of the other students give 5 minute speeches.  It was a great reminder of why I do not want to be a student again!  I also got to see where she does all her hard work in the athletics dept.  After that we went back to her house (with a stop at Sonic – first time ever, YUM) and did some baking/cooking before chilling by the pool.  She is lucky enough to have a pool in her backyard!  JEALOUS!  For supper Nika made this delicious spread!  I am not the most adventurous eater in the world but am trying to live outside my box lately.  We had wontons, seasame peanut noodles and shirmp.  YUM!

Doesn’t that spread look delicious?  She is such a great hostess with pretty platters!

These were my plates before I finished my food.  See those chopsticks…I actually used them.  Not great at it but I am good at faking it:)

Isn’t that platter gorgeous?

After dinner we headed out to see a movie.  We saw the Johnny Depp movie Rum Diary but it wasn’t as good as I’d hoped.  The plot seemed to go nowhere:(

Saturday we headed off to Miami Beach!  It was such a gorgeous day for the beach.  It was hot (by my MN standards) and perfect!  Along the way we saw some HUGE cruise ships and the Miami downtown.

NO idea what this ship was called but they are SO big!

This one was even bigger!!

Look at that beautiful water!  I could totally live there if my whole family did too.

Hotels along the beach.

Me sitting on the beach…look at that pasty white skin.  YIKES!

I had my toes in the sand.  No idea Nika even took this picture but I really like it!

Me and my girl.  Can you tell which one of us works out??  (Hint: It’s NOT me:)

After getting some sun we stopped and ate at Scotty’s Landing which is a restaurant  right on the water.  It is so awesome to be able to sit at a restaurant on the water in November!

Can you believe that someone goes out on the OCEAN in this??  Looks a bit beat up!

This is how they store the boats right outside of Scotty’s Landing.  So crazy to me!

They lift them right out of the water.  I took these pictures for my boys but thought I’d share them with you too.

Sunday was Funday (i.e. football) at Nika’s boyfriend’s house.  It was the first time I’d met him so I was excited and I was also pumped to see how this ‘funday’ goes.  We are not as big of football fans in our house but I was welcomed by 3 TVs that had different games on them.  I understand that usually there are more people there to eat all the food but it was fun anyway!

Me and my BFF.  See those tropical palm trees back there!  Ahh…

Nika and Mike.  They do make a cute couple don’t they?

Sunday funday was cut short because I had to get back to the airport where I saw pigeons just milling around with the people waiting to board planes…WeiRd.  It was time to say goodbye to sunny Florida and head back to the tundra of Minnesota.  Actually it wasn’t terrible when I got back as far as temps but I still prefer 80 degrees!

So until next time FL.  I was happy to share a little cowboy caviar, delicious cupcakes and strawberry cheesecake with you.  As I said I am available any time to come make treats for you…I just need a plane ticket!  Maybe next time I can come back with my family…or maybe I’ll just save that for myself:)