Wedding Gift

I have been super excited for the wedding of my step brother, Patrick, and his fiance, Katie.  I know it is going to be decorated so adorable because they have a vintage theme.  Katie is so crafty and they are making most of the decorations.  That being said I knew they would appreciate something homemade for a gift.  So I took some ideas from Pinterest and went with it.

I made them a casserole carrier from this tutorial.  I picked a really fun print for the fabric.

The only thing I wasn’t happy with is that the lady suggested making lines to mark where the pieces line up…however I don’t like that they are still visible.  It is possible that there is some kind of sewing marker that erases but I don’t know about it.

One thing I did different was used smaller velcro because I didn’t read that part and so I ended up sewing on a couple pieces for different size pans.

Then to go with the carrier I painted a wooden spoon the bride’s favorite color…yellow…with directions from this tutorial.  I couldn’t find any shellac at my local stores (and lets face it, waited til the last minute so ran out of time) so I used a coat of clear poly.  It seemed to work great!

Last but not least I wanted to include a casserole dish but wanted it personalized so I put the couple’s last name on it.  I saw this tutorial on Pinterest also and decided I could put their last name on it!  It worked out well!

Then I wrapped it up pretty after seeing some cute ideas on Pinterest (I love it don’t you?).  The bride and groom requested that guests consider recycling paper to wrap their gifts so I used a grocery bag to wrap it.  Then added a pretty ribbon and some stenciled letters.

I really hope they love it as much as I do!  I will be back to share pictures of their wedding day as I’ve been asked to do their photography too!


Teacher Gifts – End of the Year

I know I have sadly neglected this poor blog and I have so many things that I wanted to write about.  I am hoping that summer will allow me to catch up but not counting on it.  I’ll do my best.

Since today is officially the first day of summer I thought I’d share the gifts we gave the teachers for the summer.  You saw this post with the spa themed gift for teacher appreciation week.  So for the end of the year I thought I’d give them gifts that had a summer theme.

I created these pretty bookmarks from this blog post I found on Pinterest.  It used some of my sewing skills that I don’t get to use often and I also got to make some of my favorite fabric flowers!

Then I created a Sweet and Spicy BBQ rub for grilling from a recipe that I found in a magazine.  I put it in a goodie bag with a label with instructions and tied it with a ribbon.  I hope that was good because I didn’t try any of it!

We added one of those glasses with a straw that you can pop in the freezer and finally an A&W with a label saying ‘You are A&Wesome!’

Then to tie it all together I added a little note in a thank you card that said ‘May you have an A&Wesome summer filled with grilling, reading, and sipping by the pool!’  I hope they enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!


Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It’s that time of year again when we need to say a huge THANK YOU to the teachers in our lives!  They mean so much to me as they take care of and teach my children every day.  I truly appreciate everything they do…so I like to show them that they are appreciated.

Here are the gifts that I put together for them:

I used this recipe for the body scrub.  I put it in a simple canning jar, tied a ribbon around it and made a cute little label.  I also put a label on the back with instructions on how to use it.

The foot scrub and hand soap were purchased from Bath & Body Works.

I added a little note that said ‘Pamper yourself…you deserve it!’  Something simple but I’m sure they’ll love them!  I know I would!

So don’t forget to get the teachers in your life a little something special…and don’t forget it is also daycare provider appreciation on Friday…this gift would work for them too!