Twins Game

Blake, me, and Grandma Sue 

Grandpa Bruce & Grandma Patty

The whole Como family…I bribed Avery with ice cream so he’d take the picture:)

After the game we got to go down on the field and let the boys run the bases.  Apparently they do this every Sunday.  If you ever do it DON’T step on the grass.  I guess they are pretty strict about that.  They have people standing every 10 ft or so to tell you not to get on the grass.  One lady who is apparently a tour guide (I assume for Target Field) felt the need to yell at my mother-in-law!  Here are some of the pictures from that and a video of the boys running the bases:

The fam-damily again…kinda bright

View from Center Field wall

The boys…acting like they like each other

Budwieser deck

The dugout


Long Awaited Frame

>I have been looking everywhere in town for a panoramic frame to fit this picture I had the photographer take when Avery got his team hockey picture taken.  A mom behind me suggested a picture of all the kids’ skates because Avery’s were so high off the ground while everyone else could touch (in case you didn’t know he’s kind of a peanut).  So I asked the photographer if they could do that for me and they obliged.  When they came back I wasn’t thrilled with the angle they’d taken it at, but after a little cropping and making it black & white it was perfect!  The only problem was finding a frame. 

I couldn’t find any in town so I finally looked online.  I found one at and it is exactly what I had in mind.  It fits perfectly, is black and just simple.  It looks just like I envisioned it…LOVE when that happens!

Last Week of February

Well, here I am late on updating again! Things have been very busy around here lately. This weekend Mike and I went to see Ron White and it was the funniest thing EVER! We were nearly rolling in the aisle! The boys got to spend the weekend with Grandma Sue…they sure do enjoy going there. We also welcomed the time away for a little while.

Tonight is another Mavericks hockey game that we are planning to attend. The boys always get so excited when they know they will get to go to a game. Last week we went to a West High School game and they enjoyed it just as much. They love hockey so much they play it every day in the basement. Right now I am listening to Avery yell ‘I scored’ while raising his stick. Here is a picture of him in Blake’s hockey helmet on the potty because he had to go and didn’t want to take the helmet off! Too funny!

Until next time….

Go Mavericks!

We attended another Maverick’s hockey game last night. The boys enjoy them so much. It is fun to watch their faces as the crowd chants, sings and cheers. Avery is so amazed by all of it!

Speaking of Avery, he is doing so well potty training. He has had very few accidents this past week…maybe 2. He has been promised a visit to Chuck-e-Cheese if he continues to do well until Friday. We have a check up with his cardiologist that day and thought we would make a day of it.
We are currently dog sitting for Grandma Sue as she took a week vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Sure wish I could have stowed away in the suitcase for that one! So Lily is here for the weekend and Jamie will take her the rest of the week. She is already homesick and just lays on the couch wishing to see her ‘mom’ come through the door.

On another puppy front…we don’t have confirmation yet but we are sure that Abbi is pregnant. She has turned into this over-protective, barking dog! She is constantly barking at every little sound and she is a very quiet, reserved dog normally! So something is up with her…we hope it is about 7 pups!

Well all, have a good week and tune in next week for another episode of “Como Family Adventure”!