DIY – Necklace Holder

When I saw this on Pinterest I knew I had to have one for my bedroom.  BUT if you’ve read my blog at all you will know that I am cheap and the price tag on that adorable necklace holder was a little too steep and it looked easy enough to make…so I did!

Here’s what you need:

2×4 board – painted the color of your choice – length depends on how many knobs you want

5 knobs (that’s how many I chose but you could do more)

5 washers (equal to the number of knobs)

Drill with two size bits

Picture hanging brackets


First I had my dad help me drill some holes in the board as they needed to be counter-synced (I had no clue what that meant but it’s easy).  First drill holes a little smaller than the bolts on the knobs.  Then on the back side use a larger bit (the size of the washers) and drill part way into the board…far enough so that the bolt comes through.  After the holes were all drilled I sanded the board down and spray painted it.  Make sure to do several even coats rather than try to get it all coated at once.

Here’s what the front of the board looks like.

Here is the back of the board.  Notice the holes on the back are larger.


Then I added the picture hanging brackets.  There are other kinds but I had these already so I used them.


Then I just screwed in the knobs.  I purchased these at Hobby Lobby.  They have an amazing selection of these decorative knobs.  Finished product looks really good!

DSC_4659Good luck making your own!  Think of the colors you could use…


Productive Weekend

I feel like the past few weekends I have not accomplished much of anything.  However this weekend was a different story!  Check out all the things I accomplished…pretty proud of myself.

The first thing I worked on is something I learned from an organization training I attended last week.  The speaker suggested making mailboxes for everyone in the house.  Then when there is something they need to look at it goes in there so they know it is for them.  I only have two right now as I don’t know if the kids need any yet but I am hoping that this will free up some table and counter space because we constantly have things laying there.  The other tip she gave us that I loved was to get a filing box and organize the important papers/items in there.  I altered her suggestion a bit to fit my life.  I got a file organizer and put hanging files in there.  In the hanging files there are and have folders in there too that are for important things: photography, daycare, Blake’s school stuff, Avery’s school stuff and more.  I used to have a pile of folders on the dishwasher which would just pile up and fall off when we moved it to the sink.  So now it is upright and taking up WAY less space.  I LOVE this and hope the system works like I’m hoping!

Got some of my fall decorations out for display.  Isnt’ that pumpkin cute.  Saw someone do this when I was on the Tour of Homes a few years ago and finally did it here.  Found the little fall colored beads at a garage sale for $.50!!  SCORE!

Hung the barn ledges that built with plans from  I built them two weekends ago (so I guess I was slightly productive) and stained them last week.  They were super easy and what I’ve been wanting in my living room for quite some time!  I LOVE them.  I only put two wrong holes in the wall to hang them:)  The first one went up smoothly with no removing of screws but the second was a different story!  They are NOT perfect (as my husband so kindly pointed out) but they are level and even AND I built them and am proud.  Now I just need to fill them.

I also hung this Ten Dollar Ledge shelf which also came from  This one was even easier and I am building another one for another wall in Avery’s room.

Another project I finally finshed was finishing off our bathroom.  I finally feel like it is complete!  I found the perfect pictures after looking for months!  Thank you Gordmans!  I saw these at Kohls too for twice the price…pays to shop around!

The final project that I accomplished in our bathroom was to put the handles on the vanity.  I have had these for months but I was SO nervous to do this because I didn’t want to drill the holes wrong.  I started to do this a week or so ago and the drill bit started to migrate in the wrong direction.  That scared me and thankfully I stopped in time and the mess up was covered by the handle.  They are now on and fully functional!  I LOVE our bathroom…speaking of I don’t know if I ever gave a full ‘tour’ of the finished product so that will be in a future post.

Ahh…I feel so good about accomplishing all that!  I hope the next weekend can be as productive.  I have a fall decoration project I’m working on so I’m hoping to finish that this week.

My Inspriation

I have recently decided that my bedroom is in need of a makeover.  While I love the red that is currently in there I just feel like it is time for a change.  I have been looking for the right inspiration to spark my interest and I finally found it.  I think I

want a shabby chic bedroom.  I have found a couple things that began my inspriation and I thought I’d share.

The pink color of these roses (although this picture makes them seem brighter pink) is one of the shades I want in my room.

Something about yellow just makes me cheery.  I think this is another color that MUST be in my new room.

I simply can’t wait to get started on collecting things for this room.  I have decided however that i need to collect all my things to put up before I begin the room because what usually happens is that I get going and then have to wait until I find just the right things to put up on the wall, etc.  Not this time…stay tuned for more details!

Light Bulbs

We’ve all seen them and heard all the hype.  Mike and I decided to switch over to these bulbs a few years back to see if they really would save us money.  While it is hard to say if they save us energy money monthly and sometimes the bulbs are not as bright until they warm up but we like them.

Today one of the bulbs in our kitchen went out.  When we started using these bulbs we decided to write the date we installed them on the bulb…partly because they have a warranty of some sort on the package.  The one that I changed today was one of the original bulbs we put in place.  The date on it is 1/24/07!  The bulb has lasted us nearly 4 and a half years!  I am super amazed.

I know for sure that these bulbs are saving us money even though they cost a bit more up front!

Good-bye old friends

Apparently 10 years is the life span of small kitchen appliances!  Two of my very favorite wedding gifts are on their last leg.  One is my programmable crock pot that I have loved since the moment we got it.  I only recently figured out how to make it go to the ‘warm’ setting without it being through cooking…I know smart right!  I posted a couple weeks ago about how my roasts were tough even after cooking for 8 hours.  Since we have a second crock pot (although not my favorite because it tends to cook hotter than I’d like) so I decided to try that when I cooked my pork roast with Dr Pepper…it was cooked in about 3 hours!  So I guess there is something wrong…time to say goodbye.

The second one is my toaster.  It is a simple 4-silce, narrow, white toaster with the darkness adjustment slide on the front to tell the toaster how dark to make the toast.  It has been giving me trouble for some time but it was doable…untill recently!  It has started just popping up whenever it feels the need so if I walk away and forget my house will be filled with smoke soon enough.  Which makes the task of getting breakfast for daycare kids difficult as I am also trying to greet kids/parents at the door.  I know it is time to buy a new one but honestly hate spending money on things like this. 

So good bye old friends…I will miss you but I think you will be replaced by some even better new friends!


Every year we have this momma robin who thinks that the motion lights on the back side of our house is a great place to make a nest.  Each year it starts like this:

And until last year we  would just keep pulling the nest building materials down until she quit trying…which makes me feel awful.  This poor bird is trying so hard to get a safe place ready for for her babies and here we are ruining her plans and as any momma knows it is hard work getting ready for a baby!  So last year someone suggest that we just put an item on top of the lights so that she gets scared away.  So we did this:

…and it worked!  So once again this year I saw her flying really close to the house this moring and figured she must be up to her old tricks…sure enough.  So again there is a tennis ball sitting on the top of our lights until Momma Robin decides to make her nest elsewhere.  There are lots of nice trees Momma so please pick a new space…as much as I’d LOVE to watch the babies hatch and grow I can’t have you swooping at our heads every time we walk out the door and do NOT need baby birdie poop all over!

I’m in love!

>I have been eyeing the picture on the left up for quite some time at Kohl’s but they didn’t have a matching one that was the same direction until Monday night when I stopped to find something for the bathroom.  I was so excited because I also happened to have a 20% off coupon!!  I finally got them put up tonight.  I really liked the pictures that I had in that spot but they have been there since we moved in and it was just time for a change. 

There have been lots of change in our house in the past two weeks!  I am LOVING it!  I LOVE change and have more pictures to share later.

Bathroom Update

>As of this morning we have the following in the bathroom:
– Tiled shower
– Floor prepped for tile
– Walls sheetrocked
– Taping and mudding nearly complete
– Paint picked out

Glass/Stone accent tile
Shower tiled with two recessed shelves
Sheetrock…toilet area
Sheetrock taped and muded.
Finished off with the chair rail tile at the top.

Bathroom Update

>The bathroom progress continues to move along.  The shower tiling is mostly done…just waiting for a decorative piece at the top near the ceiling.  The grouting will need to be done too before we use it but it is looking great!  Trevor is here today finishing up sheetrocking so he can mud and tape today and possibly start tiling too.  I am so excited to see this all coming back together!  I can’t wait until it’s done. 

I have more pictures and I will post them later.

Bathroom Update

>Things are coming along with the bathroom project.  Everything has been removed and things are starting to go back in!  So exciting to see it coming back together.  Tomorrow the tile guy is coming to do the shower…can’t wait to see that!  Here are some pictures of the progress:

This is the vanity area.

Toilet area and outside wall.

Shower area.

Shower area with backer board put in.

New tub…it’s NOT blue just has blue plastic on it.

Medicine cabinet area framed up.