Valentines Day

So it has been FOREVER since I’ve blogged but I now have an app on my phone so maybe I can do more…no promises. Anyway, I just finished the valentines for the boys and they are super cute. I, of course, found the idea on Pinterest but I loved it because it wasn’t candy. I feel like they get enough candy so this was a fun alternative.

Here’s what I used:

– loopy straws from Walmart – $.97 for six
– pretzel bags – $1.75 for 20
– 2″ round labels – $7.97
– scrapbook paper – 3 sheets – 4 for $1




Christmas Spirit

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but it feels like this Christams season seems to have snuck up on me and has flown by.  I’m usually done shopping by early December but I didn’t finish it until just last week.  So I thought…I also have to make a run to the store today for a mom-didn’t-wrap-the-same-number-of-presents present!  Totally my fault but I was not in the mood to shop today.

We have all our regular decorations up that brighten the house up:

The card holder with all the beautiful families that I love seeing grow every year.  I love them so much I make a scrapbook out of them.  I also decided to wrap my picture frames this year to brighten things up even more.

My new shelves worked well to hang candy canes.  Then you can also see our stocking holder.

Santa is helping us count down the days.

 The Christmas tree did make it up the day after Thanksgiving just like always.  This year I let the kids decorate the tree.  I helped them get it set up and then sat down and handed them ornaments to decorate.  They did a great job!  We had to help get things to the top of the tree but otherwise it was all them!  I love seeing it all lit up and overflowing with presents.

We are all set for Santa to come!  I’m not sure how much longer we have with two kids that believe in Santa but so far we have two believers.  I’ve seen more than one post on Facebook by people saying they are ready to give up the facade but I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to give that up.  I think it gives Christmas a whole other level of magic!  There have been lots of questions about how Santa does this or that and we just do our best to answer and anything we can’t is just ‘MAGIC’!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!  I hope it is the best Christmas you’ve ever celebrated!


The buying o


For those of you who don’t know what lefse is here is the definition according to WikipediaLefse is a traditional soft, Norwegian flatbread. Lefse is made out of potato, milk or cream (or sometimes lard) and flour, and cooked on a griddle.

Since my grandfather is 100% Norweigian this has always been a staple at our Christmas table.  If you have not had it, it is delicious!  We prepare it with butter and sugar but there are several ways to eat it…none of which I have tried.  I don’t mess with a good thing:)

Anywooo…last weekend I took my second attempt at making homemade lefse with my grandma.  She has made it with her church for years and has all the equipment so I thought it was time I learn.  Now I just need a lefse grill.  Here are some pictures from the event:

Here are the lefse balls all rolled and ready.  See that circular board and stick in the background…the board is a special mat used for rolling out dough and the stick will be used to transfer the lefse dough to the grill.

This is the special lefse grill that is getting heated up and ready to go!

That is my grandma and my aunt rolling the dough out.

After rolling the lefse dough out you roll it onto a lefse stick.

 Then you roll the dough out onto the grill.

Here’s the dough grilling the first side.

The finished poduct.

So delicious.  If you’ve never tried it you should soon!


I wanted to share what we did for Halloween…even if it is a few days late.

We carved some pumpkins.

Here’s the dad getting it started.

#1 son getting out the guts.

#2 son getting the guts out.  For the record both my kids find this disgusting and hate putting their hand in the pumpkin.

Then we dressed up:

All the daycare goblins dressed up!  Two pirates and a parrot for them.  A vampire, kitty cat and Optimus Prime (whoever that is:) and SUPER MAN!

My little vampire.  Simple running pants and shirt we had already.  A cape, necklace and teeth that was purchased and inexpensive.

My handsome pirate.  Another cheap costume…running pants (with black tape over the white stripe) and shirt we had already.  Hat and sword that was from Target.  Vest came from Once Upon a child for $3.50.  Under $20!!

We also did some trick or treating but I decided to leave the camera home this year and just enjoy the moment!  Hope your Halloween was fabulous as well!

Memorial Weekend

I know this is overdue but I still had to write about it.  It was quite a weekend.  Lots of family time, some minor ‘surgery’ and some life saving!

We started the weekend by taking the kids to stay with Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Patty so that we could go see Hangover 2.  TOTALLY worth it.  That movie is great.  As good as the first one.  Sometimes with sequels it is hard because the first was so good but let me say I laughed just as hard even though it was basically a copy of the storyline from the first movie which made it kind of predictable.  After the movie we met some friends for drinks.  It was very nice to come home to an empty house and get to sleep in!

Saturday morning we got up and got a few things done around the house and packed up the truck for the weekend ‘camping’ at my dad’s farm.  The weather wasn’t spectacular but it was good enough that we could be outside and got to have a fire.  At nap time we laid the kids down in the camper and as I was giving Blake a kiss he said to me that the bump on his head (which he had complained about earlier in the week but I never found anything) still hurt and moved!  I was confused so I examined it and found TWO ticks attached to his head along with dried blood from hundreds of bites from them.  One of the ticks had begun to suck his blood and was swollen up.  The other was attached but not swollen.  I kinda freaked because those are one ‘bug’ that I can’t handle!  We ran to the house to get them out.  Not knowing what to do to get them out without leaving the head in we tried vaseline which grandma Patty thought would smother them and make them back out…it didn’t work.  She called her dad who lives in an area with lots of ticks and he said to use alcohol to get them to back out.  It kinda worked but it still involved a lot of work to get them to come out.  The swollen one was pretty attached (if that is the right word) and hurt when we pulled it out.  I felt bad for the kid but knew it had to come out!  YUCK!  After that excitement our kids did not sleep, of course:)

The rest of Saturday was spent outside.  We had a fire, watched my brothers act like children and shoot a potato gun and made some smore’s before putting the kids to bed.  Then the adults sat around the fire and b.s.’d until late.  It was very nice to sit around and just be a family.  We don’t get to do that very often.

Sunday was not such great weather and we spent much of it inside.  The kids all got along well and having ‘new’ toys they don’t get to play with often helped them stay busy.

Monday morning we pretty much just vegged inside.  The kids watched some cartoons and I caught this cute moment with my nephew and Avery watching cartoons together.

We hung around until after lunch and then packed up the truck and went home.  On our way home we encountered a momma dear crossing the road with one of her babies (there was another in the ditch).  We stopped the truck to let them cross.  The momma kept going to distract us from the babies but the baby just stood in the road.  I couldn’t just leave it there so I got out to shoo it out of the road and into the ditch with its twin who was crying for someone to come be with it.  The baby didn’t want to go to the ditch..poor thing was probably just too scared.  So I picked it up and carried it to the side of the road hoping it would go down the ditch by the twin.  No such luck.  With another car coming Mike got out and carried it into the ditch with its twin and they both laid down.  I pray the momma came back for them but everyone we talked to seemed to believe that she would.  They were so adorable and had to be very new.  The baby was not even up to my knee and couldn’t have weighed more than 10 lbs.

After that excitement we brought the kids home so they could have a nap.  Then we took a trip to the cemetary to visit Mike’s dad’s grave and went out for supper at The Lake’s in Lake Crystal.  Overall it was a very relaxing weekend!

So that was our Memorial weekend.  How was yours?


May Day

As a kid we never made May Day baskets but we did get some a couple times.  I love passing along fun new things to my kids so I am ready to teach them the art of ‘ding-dong ditch’!  We have the baskets all set and ready to deliver after church today.  The kids helped me make flowers (tutorial to come) to put on them.  I filled them with suckers since for some reason I decided to buy the SUPER-MEGA bag for Valentine’s day!



Our Easter was spread out to two weekends but both were very fun!  Two weekends ago we celebrated with my family.  It is so much fun to hang out with other kids around.  The kids all did an egg hunt which ended up being inside because of the cold, wet weather! 

The official Easter weekend was kicked off by us hosting an egg hunt.  I arranged that we could use the grass lot at the church across the street to hide the eggs.  We had 22 kids show up and it was great fun for all!  It was finished off by a snack of homemade cinnamon rolls and OJ.  Great start to the weekend!

Easter day we hunted for our baskets and then went to church (for the first time in way too long) and then headed off to Grandma Sue’s house for lunch.  I regret to say that I brought my camera but I didn’t even take it out and get pictures of my boys playing baseball.  It was nice to have some beautiful weather for once.  I did capture one picture from the day of the boys with their Easter baskets.  The bunny brought them new bats and they both posed as if they were going to hit without me even saying a word…I think they are trained (or just obsessed)!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Now I know lots of people just think of this day as a Hallmark holiday but I think it is what you make of it and I choose to make the best of it.  I take it as a day to let all the people in my life know how special they are to me!  I think we should all take the time to tell our loved ones how much we love them every day but in this busy life we forget how important it is.  SO…go tell them how much they mean to you.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

Valentine’s Day

>I had to share this fun Valentine’s craft I did.  I don’t have a lot of decorations for Valentine’s Day and so when I found this on the One Pretty Thing blog I had to try it.  For directions you can go here.  It is so simple and I did 4 of them from one roll of the heavy wire so cheap too!