>As anyone who knows him is well aware my younges son, Avery, is VERY obsessed with hockey.  He lives and breathes hockey.  A few weeks ago he was practicing his shots and was doing a shot where he was off to the side of the net, nearly even with it and making it in.  He explained that it was called a ‘Drewber’ shot and that he had been told by his coaches the name was such.  When I told Mike about it he had never heard of such a shot and is thinking he was mixed up but one never knows with that child!   

Since then he has been practicing his wrist shot and his backhand:)



>I volunteered to make a poster for the locker room for my son who plays hockey.   I thought he would want to make it because he is quite creative and a great artist.  However, once he saw a couple of the other ones he didn’t want to make it…I think he was intimidated.  So it was left up to me.  For some reason this idea came to me and it turned out great!  I was kind of embarrassed that I actually made a poster for the wrong color team but I fixed it and it worked out.  I was thinking Blake was on the black team because he had been wearing his jersey from last year so I forgot that he was gold this year! 

>WHOA! What a crazy month!

>I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I last posted. The time just got away from me. We finished up hockey and had a Jamboree for the kids. It was special because my grandparents all got to come watch him. It was their first taste of the sport of hockey. They all seemed to enjoy it and the boys gave them a good show! A good time was had by all.

We are continuing to work on our bathroom project in the basement. We have gone from a toilet and a half a wall to a fully enclosed bathroom complete with a shower and door. I have most everything painted in there and am waiting for some fiberglass to be installed above the shower and then I can finish painting. I am also going to attempt to do the tiling in the bathroom. I took a class with my friend Amy at Home Depot to learn how. We have borrowed a tile saw from our friend in the Cities and as soon as I get a full day to work on it we will be doing it. Then we can finally install the toilet and vanity and hopefully just be able to use the bathroom. I can’t wait to have our basement back together.

The puppies have also kept us busy. We only have two left to sell and hopefully they go home really soon. They are getting really stinky and need to go! I love this stage of puppies though when they are so playful and cute. Unfortunately they all grow up and are expensive. So please tell all your friends we still have 2 boy black labs left!

We also had a baby shower for my niece, KayleeAhna, along with her baptism. She is growing so fast it is just crazy! I can’t believe that she is already 7 weeks old. Before we know it she will be becoming independant and running around!

Well, anyway, things have finally slowed down a bit and we will be busy again soon enough with the summer lurking just around the corner. This year is flying by!


>Supposedly it is Spring here in Mankato but it sure isn’t feeling like it! We went from having fabulous weather in the middle of March to snow on its way tonight. The past couple days haven’t been too bad and we’ve made it outside but still have warm jackets!

Things are starting to wind down around here. Blake finished hockey last Sunday with a jamboree. They got their names announced and then got to scrimmage while some of the Mavericks players helped with the games. They also were awarded medals and got to have a pizza party after the games. They have had such a great year and the entire group of Level 1 kids improved so much this year it has been quite a transformation to watch this year! Here are a couple pictures that the local photo place took:



Avery also finished his skating lessons today. This year they gave the kids an assessment at the end of the session. He took two sessions of skating lessons this year and he improved from the first 7 week session assessment through today. He seems to think he will play hockey next year so we will have to see.

The past week we have spent lots of time riding bikes and now playing in the sandbox as Mike got them out of the attic for the kids. I can’t wait until the weather improves!

Good news too…Mike is back to 40 hours at work for the time being. It is saving a lot of stress for me and I have also filled a couple daycare spots although I am looking for a couple more. Things are starting to look up around here. I am now trying to convince Mike to go on a trip with me for my 30th birthday!

I will try to post some video of the hockey and skating lessons. Also…the Oprah show we attended will be airing on Monday. Tune in!

>Busy Week

>Thursday we had the day off from daycare due to some appointments we had. The boys had a dentist appt first and they both got an A+ on their teeth. Neither of them liked what they were doing to clean their teeth and were crying…I can sympathize but I keep telling them that it is much worse if they don’t get them checked out and end up with a cavity. Blake’s teeth are getting close to being wiggly so we will probably be missing some teeth before long. After the appt they got to go play at their old daycare’s house while mommy had an appt for herself.

Avery had his preschool screening on Friday. He did really well. I took him and left dad at home with one daycare kid and Blake. I took the 6 month old daycare kid with me however that made it so I was unable to take Avery back to do the screening. It worked out though and he probably did better that way since he couldn’t cling to me. He completed all the tasks and the only concern they had was with his speech. He has a hard time saying some of his letters (the harder ones s, l, r, sh, etc). As of now he is completely on track for school in 2.5 years.

Yesterday Blake had another game for hockey. He did really well. Him and his friend, Ryan, who is on his team, make a great team! They scored a few goals with a few of them being passes from one to the other. At one point I heard Blake yell ‘Ryan, over here!’ They have made friends for life!

Avery is in his second session of skating lessons. He is doing really well. We are talking about signing him up for hockey next year as we will be at the arena anyway. We will see…depends on how much of an attention span he has at that point but I have a feeling for hockey it will be long!

Today we are headed back to the arena for another hockey practice and then to grandma’s for supper. I made some little shamrock cookies for the hockey team after practice so hopefully they enjoy those. I will try to post some pictures this week…I haven’t uploaded any for a while!

>We lost our kid…

>So for the second time this hockey season we have lost Avery at the arena. Both times he has managed to make his way out the door and into the parking lot. Yesterday Mike had gone to get Blake undressed after practice and Avery had to go potty so I took him before going to the truck. We got done in the bathroom and Avery wanted a drink out of the fountain but since I was carrying a helmet, skates, a blanket and my purse I couldn’t lift him to get it. Then he was mad at me and wouldn’t come out the door to leave. So I walked out to the lobby to hand Mike the stuff I had in my hands and go back and pick him up and he is nowhere to be found. I looked in the bathrooms, down in the bleachers, asked a couple people and then turned around to see Mike holding him.

When I got to them he was sobbing uncontrollably. He had somehow made his way out the door (right past both of us) and couldn’t find us. Some other parent brought him back in and found us…she had recognized the panic on our faces! I am hoping that he never does that again…he was pretty scared. I HATE that panic feeling when I can’t find the kids.

>Hockey Lovers…

>As I was posting about the hat I got up to look at the boys who are playing outside. I see Blake standing in front of the garage door in the hockey goalie stance and he has a shovel as a stick. Then I find Avery and he is hitting a chunk of snow (his puck) with a shovel. They are so funny and creative. I guess they really love hockey!


>Why does it seem that every time you have to have a vehicle fixed it ends up costing an arm and a leg? I am really beginning to think that I need to learn how to fix cars so I can go into the business. The Mazda is in need of a new exhaust system so we took it in (just wanting it to be patched) and they wanted $600. When we asked for it to be patched they referred us to another place so we called them. The second place doesn’t think it can be patched so we have to fix the whole thing…for $400+. So there goes the nice bonus Mike got at Christmas!

On a positive note though here is Blake’s hockey picture from this year.