New York City – Day 2

We were up and at them early to get to our ferry for the Statue of Liberty by 9 am.  We took the subway down to the South Ferry stop to get to Battery Park where the Statue Cruises depart from.  We got through security for the ferry very quickly and boarded the ferry.  The ferry-boat was very crowded and got very warm.  My advice would be to stay in the entrance area of the ferry so that you can exit the quickest but if you don’t mind waiting to get off then you could certainly move to the upper level.  It was tricky for us because we had a stroller to contend with.

When we got to Liberty Island we got off the ferry and started to walk around the island to see the Statue of Liberty.  Unbeknownst to us the audio tours were offered at a kiosk just after we began our trek around the island.  We ended up going all the way around twice so that we could do the audio tour however it would have been simpler to just start out using the audio tour.  So the audio tour speakers are at a kiosk to the right after you exit the ferry so you can be prepared!

After we finished on Liberty Island we boarded the ferry again to make the trip over to Ellis Island.  The buildings on the island are quite spectacular and the whole place is rich with history!  We took the guided tour with a wonderful guide, Peter Urban.  He was so knowledgeable and interesting and he even took us through the story of his own family.  I wish we had taken more time to explore Ellis Island because we didn’t even see half of what we could have!  We were very hungry by the time we finished the guided tour and opted to go back to Manhattan to find some lunch.

When we got off the ferry we looked for the closest restaurant and found a TGIFriday’s just past the Charging Bull statue.  We had a nice air-conditioned lunch there and were on our merry way!  After lunch we made our way to try and catch a glimpse of the Charging Bull but it was very crowded.  I had no idea how crowded it would be around the bull and we couldn’t get a good view of it.

From there we continued walking to catch a glimpse of the New York Stock Exchange building and the Federal Hall building.  We took in the sights as we made our way to to the 9/11 memorial  pools.  Those are an amazing tribute to the lives that were lost that day.  It’s hard to walk around NYC and not think about that horrific event because I’ve watched so many documentaries about it over the years and now seeing the actual sights of the city it puts it all in perspective.  After visiting the pools we walked down a couple blocks to a 9/11 Tribute Museum.  I didn’t realize this isn’t the official museum and I wish we’d have gone to that one but it was still a moving experience to look at the pictures of all the people who lost their lives that terrible day.

To end our day we took the train back to Times Square and did a little shopping.  We stopped at a few stores and then ended with the M&M Store.  It was quite a sight seeing all the different colors of M&Ms that are possible including the ONE green M&M in the white bin.  We got a good chuckle out of that.

Once we were finished shopping we headed back to our hotel and grabbed dinner on the street on the way back.  As we were standing on the sidewalk a man walking past Blake gave him a shove for no apparent reason.  We are still trying to figure out what he did to cause the guy to do that but I really think it was just because he could.  We got back to the hotel exhausted and excited for the rest of the trip.

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