Life Changes – Vasectomy Reversal

A year ago today my husband had a procedure that has changed our life. We made a trip to St. Louis to have a vasectomy reversal done with Dr. Sommers who specializes in reversals and has had it done himself.

We started talking about it a couple months before that. It had been 2 years since we made the decision to have the vasectomy. It was a decision we made together but I don’t know if my heart was ever fully in it. I think I was trying to convince myself that I was okay with the two healthy boys I had and I was happy but I never lost that feeling of wanting another. I loved being pregnant and even with all we went through with our heart baby I was still willing to take the chance to have another.

I unfortunately had never let my true feelings be known to my husband. He had no idea I felt that way but watching him with my nephew I knew he enjoyed kids as much as I did. The conversation started with a simple comment made by me that I would have another but we couldn’t. He approached me about the comment and it went from there.

At first I got really discouraged because as I called around to clinics in Minnesota I found that most if them charged extreme amounts (like $10,000 and up) and do the procedure with anesthesia and an overnight stay in the hospital. So I started doing more research and found a forum that was a godsend! It was just for people like myself who were looking into a reversal and has been a wealth if information and support for me. I found a couple doctors that perform the reversal with a less invasive method and much cheaper. One dr in Oklahoma does it as a mission and only charges $1700. The doctor we chose charged $3000 and was closer to us. He had a great success rate and we loved the experience.

The procedure was quick and Mike had very little pain. His recovery went very smoothly and quick. At that time we didn’t tell anyone (which was difficult with having to make arrangements for two other kids) in case the procedure didn’t work. I didn’t want the constant ‘how’s it going?’ question.

Much to our surprise we got pregnant two weeks after the procedure! It was so much fun to see the looks on the faces of our parents and family when they found out. There was much confusion at first. Unfortunately that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage at 9 weeks which was devastating along with a chemical pregnancy the following month. Then in November we found out we were pregnant again! It is almost scary how fertile we are even after a reversal.

We are currently 37 weeks pregnant with our 3rd child and we couldn’t be more excited. We have two big brothers who will be great helpers and are excited to have this new member join the family. I can’t wait to see where the future takes us and I am so happy we made this decision to change our lives. Our house is so filled with love and we are truly blessed to have what we have.

My advice to those considering a vasectomy is to make sure it’s exactly what you want. Many who have reversals are not as lucky as us and it doesn’t work so it’s not a guarantee.