Brothers of the Sun Tour – Review

I had the pleasure of attending the very first concert at Target Field in downtown Minneapolis this past weekend. It was an amazing show. The show lasted 6.5 hours…that’s the longest show I’ve ever been to. There were 4 artists on the lineup…Jake Owen, Grace Potter, Tim McGraw, and Kenny Chesney.

I’ve seen the two headliners before but not the other two artists. Jake Owen started the show singing such hits as…’Alone with You’ and ‘Barefoot Bluejean Night’ . I enjoyed his portion of the show but felt like maybe he should have been the second act and let Grace Potter open up. She was okay but she is not the style of music that got with the rest of the crew. Her music seemed more like gospel to me but according to what I’ve read online she is a ‘rock’ singer. The bummer of her being there was she didn’t even sing her duet with Kenny…’You & Tequila’. That was a disappointment to me.

After a short break Tim McGraw opened his portion of the show with ‘Felt Good on my Lips’. He graced the stage with a pair of tight white jeans and a fitted white tshirt. He certainly is looking good at 45!! Tim put in his usual crowd-pleasing show with hits like ‘Just to See You Smile’, ‘Live Like You Were Dying’, and ‘I Miss Back When’. He started ‘Better Than I Used to Be’ with some inspiring words about becoming a better person. It made the song more emotional to me…but something about being at a live show always does that to me.

Then it was Kenny’s turn. He too put on a good show but I was slightly disappointed in having seen him this past winter and I felt like the show was much the same as the previous one. He is all energy however from the moment he jumped out of the stage in the middle of the crowd and rode his chair to the main stage. He sang hits like ‘Summertime’, ‘There Goes My Life’ , ‘Come Over’.

Of course at the end of the show Tim and Kenny sang a few songs together. They sang one of their own songs with their buddy and then they sang one that didn’t belong to either of them. This was the most disappointing part of the show to me as I had hoped they would sing more together and at the very least do an encore song but there would be no encore and I felt like I was left hanging. Some lucky fans (who had paid $400+ for tickets) got autographs while the band continued to play. There were lots of fans holding out hope that they would get to hear more but like myself were left hanging.

Overall it is a show I would highly recommend (and I’ve seen A LOT of shows)! It was well worth the money I paid for it for sure! And it was a good thing we had to wait 7 months for the show because drinks were very expensive and I needed that time to save up. Also, great job Target Field in hosting their first show and I think the acoustics were pretty good. I’m sure they learned lots from their first show.






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