Summer Reading Incentives

We all know how important it is to keep our kids reading over the summer.  In our house we are making them stay up on their reading minutes that we require during the school year and thought I’d add a little incentive to get them reading even more.  So I took the idea that our area libraries use along with a reading incentive program Blake’s 2nd grade class used and spun it to work for us.  I gave the boys each a booklet to track their minutes when they read.  You can find the booklet that I created here:  Summer Reading Minutes.

We then needed to come up with some incentives.  I made a list of a few that I thought would work and then sat down with the boys and they helped me come up with some more.  I assigned every reward with a value of how many minutes they need to achieve it.  Once they redeem their minutes for a prize they are gone with the exception of one item on the list which is worth 5000 minutes..they continue to accrue to earn this prize!

Here is our list of rewards:


–          Trip to Moondogs Game                                                                       5000

–          Alone time with mom or dad                                                               500

–          20 minutes Wii time                                                                              300

–          DQ treat                                                                                                    250

–          Pick supper                                                                                              200

–          Donuts for breakfast                                                                              350

–          Friend over to play                                                                                 1500

–          Picnic with mom or dad                                                                        500

–          No chores for a day                                                                                200

–          Movie night – pick movie from Redbox                                            150

–          Date night                                                                                                1000

–          Ice cream treat at home                                                                        150

–          Stay up 15 minutes late                                                                         450


I hope this helps inspire other parents out there who are in need of a way to keep their kiddos reading this summer.  We have already doled out one prize to each of the boys and I think they are starting to ‘get it’ now!



4 thoughts on “Summer Reading Incentives

  1. That is awesome! I like the system of rewards~at our house, I shuffle them off to their rooms for an hour of “quiet time” which I find that they mostly spend reading! If they finish a book–I will go get them the “next” one that they need….Ryan is reading the “Big Nate” series now…. 🙂

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