Izzy is growing up…

I introduced you to Izzy in this post when she had first come home with us.  Since then she has been growing by leaps and bounds!  She currently weighs 26 lbs at 14 weeks.  She has turned into one of the best dogs we’ve had.  She is very smart and Mike has her already fetching up dummies and jumping off the dock to swim.  We took her camping and we were slightly worried that she would bark a lot but she was the calmest puppy I’ve ever seen!  She just layed around and hung out with us.  We even took her to the beach and she didn’t even mind when other dogs were walking past.

She has been moved into her outside kennel for good as of this week.  We are still working through some issues with her not wanting to go potty in her kennel because she is house trained so well.  We haven’t had an accident in the house in several weeks.  We are so happy to have added Izzy to our family!


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