Summer has arrived!

We have been super busy with summer type things…baseball, camping, swimming.  It has been a fun but usy summer so far!  The boys play bseball two nights a week at mostly the same time.  We have been trading off as to who goes to watch which kid.  Blake’s games go longer so we sometimes can catch a little of it after Avery is done.  The boys LOVE playing and it is so great to watch them improve as a team every week.

Here is a couple shots of Avery ‘sliding’…but it didn’t go so well.

And here’s one of blake playing first base…

This is Blake on our first camping trip of the year.  We have a box of legos that stay in the camper so they are like new toys every summer.

Avery out swimming.

Blake and his friend Tyler playing in the mud while camping.

Blake, Avery & Tyler playing Soccer Guys (a great box of toys from Kaskey Kids)

And THIS (ladies calm down) is my husband!  I believe this picture was just after he tried to flick me off for taking his picture:-)


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