Teacher Appreciation Gifts

It’s that time of year again when we need to say a huge THANK YOU to the teachers in our lives!  They mean so much to me as they take care of and teach my children every day.  I truly appreciate everything they do…so I like to show them that they are appreciated.

Here are the gifts that I put together for them:

I used this recipe for the body scrub.  I put it in a simple canning jar, tied a ribbon around it and made a cute little label.  I also put a label on the back with instructions on how to use it.

The foot scrub and hand soap were purchased from Bath & Body Works.

I added a little note that said ‘Pamper yourself…you deserve it!’  Something simple but I’m sure they’ll love them!  I know I would!

So don’t forget to get the teachers in your life a little something special…and don’t forget it is also daycare provider appreciation on Friday…this gift would work for them too!


Meet Izzy

We are in love!  Our new puppy, Izzy, joined our family just a week ago!  She is adorable, loveable, playful and sweet.  She loves to take naps, loves her belly rubbed, plays tug-o-war and so far seems very smart.  We are training her to ring a bell when she needs to go outside.  She started using it less than 24 hours after we brought her home.

We knew she was coming home but we got her sooner than we thought.  We wanted to surprise the kids so we told them we were going to look at a camper,  All the way there we kept waiting for them to say ‘this is the way to where the puppy is’ but it didn’t happen until we drove into the breeder’s driveway.  Blake took one look and knew that we were there to see the puppy.  Little did they know we were bringing her home.

Her name took us a long time to agree on.  Mike was dead set on naming her Nelli (short for Benelli which is the gun he shoots) but I wasn’t sold.  So we kept making lists for each other trying to find a name that all of us could agree on.  Nothing hit either of us as ‘the one’ for quite a while.  One day Mike mentioned Izzy and although it wasn’t a favorite for either of us we did like it.  We went back and forth until the drive over to get her.  I finally decided that if Nelli was what everyone else wanted then it could be Nelli.  However then Avery wasn’t sold on it either.  When we got out of the truck and started playing with her we decided Izzy it would be!

So Izzy it is and Izzy it will be.  We are so excited to have this new addition to our little family.  There is NOTHING cuter than a lab puppy.  Here are some pictures:

How can you not love that face??