Another Goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye to another family member.  We found out Abbi has bone cancer in early December.  The vet gave her 6 mo to a year.  Her back leg is totally immobile now and it is time.  Mike took her for a walk this morning in their favorite spot and came home and said ‘it’s time’.  She now appears to be in pain and that is the last thing we want for her.

We’ve had her for 9 years and she has been a great dog.  She’s a great hunter and lives for it!  She has brought two litters of puppies into the world.  She was the greatest mama too!  We have heard great things about her puppies too!  She loves to run and is a calm wonderful house dog at the same time.

Goodbye Abbi!  Can’t wait for you to meet up with your best friend Hunter and run and swim again!  We love you!


3 thoughts on “Another Goodbye

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