Good Humor

Even though I know I have neglected my poor blog and I promise to let you in on why but I had to share a funny story from our week.

On Monday the power went out for about 45 minutes for some unknown reason.  So when Mike got home from work he let the boys reset his clock.  He checked the time before he went to bed and it was right so he thought all was good.  Because he doesn’t use the alarm on the clock radio but rather uses the alarm on his cell phone he never thought to check that.  So he goes to sleep and apparently sleeps very hard because at 12:00 am his alarm went off and he jumped up, shut the alarm off, got up and ready for work.  He got dressed, packed his cooler and got in the car.  As he was backing the car down the driveway he glanced at the clock.  He realized it was only a little after 12 midnight and wasn’t sure if the car clock was correct so grabbed his cell phone to double check the time.  So he pulled back into the driveway and got back into bed.

I couldn’t have pulled of a prank like that if I had tried!  Isn’t it so wonderful having kids?


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