Saying Goodbye

The day has come when we have to say goodbye to our beloved Hunter.  We have known it was coming for some time already but have been putting it off.  A few months ago we took him to the vet to see what to do with him.  He is almost 12 years old and he’s just plain old.  His body has been giving out for the past 9 months.  He has gotten more and more clumsy over time and he has been having a hard time getting comfortable.  The past two nights he has spent sleeping on the concrete of his kennel in the poop and snow.  Although he is not in pain and he is not comfortable and as much as we’d like to prolong it I don’t think that it is the right thing to do.  He is not the happy, playful dog that we know.  He is thin and frail and clumsy.

Hunter you have been a great dog!  You were our first ‘baby’ and will always hold that special place in our hearts.  You have been a part of our family and will be sorely missed.  It will be so hard to say goodbye to you but I think it is time.  Don’t worry, your friend Abbi will be there soon to greet you!


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