Little Chippers

Last Friday night Blake took another turn skating for what is called Little Chippers during intermission at the Maverick’s game.  It is where the highest level of the non-traveling kids get to skate against each other during intermission.  Entertainment for the fans and the kids look so forward to it!  We also were lucky enough to get to take my nephew to his first hockey game.  He loved it!  He wants to come with again.

Blake set to play!

The Maverick’s mascot Stomper got in on the action too!

High Sticking?

Avery & Braydon walking to the game together.  Avery took on the ‘big brother’ role very well that night.  He was great about keeping Braydon safe.

Saturday was autograph night so we decided to brave a second night and this time brought my niece with us.  It was her first hockey game as well.  She did really well for not even being 2 yet.  Unfortunately the Mavs lost but the boys did get to get autographs.  Avery’s favorite player is Cameron Cooper and I had taken a picture of the two of them at a recent game.  We got that autographed as well.

KayleeAhna made a new friend in my little daycare girl, Ruby.  They were so cute!

This is Cameron Cooper telling the boys he isn’t signing their poster.  He remembered the boys from the hockey camp they did last summer.

The second and third guy from the right were trying to bribe Avery to give them his hat.  They loved it!  It was a custom made gift from uncle Jamie so they can’t just go buy it.  Avery was eating up the attention!


This is what KayleeAhna thought about waiting for the autographs:)

Overall it was a good time had by all!  I love seeing the looks on my boys’ faces when they get that close to the players!


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