2012 – The year of Organization!

This coming year is going to be my year to get myself organized.  I always make that resolution but this year I’m SERIOUS!  Yesterday I finished writing out ALL the birthday cards for this year.  I put them all in my filing system (more about that in another post) by month so that when that month comes I can put them in my daily filing system and mail them on time!  I’ve been told that I need help but I think it is just being smart!  I have to get my chaotic life under control.  I have big plans for our basement and my daycare area.  I can’t wait for it to all come together!

Here is my list of what I am going to get organized with this year…in hopes that I follow through!

– Paying Bills

– Balancing the checkbook

– Kids’ chores (working on a chore chart I will share with you soon)

– Sports scrapbooks for the kids

– Scrapbook for someone special (it’s a surprise so I can’t share yet)

– Photo books for the kids

– Ordering and uploading photos each month

Most of these things are on my list every year and I have gotten better but I am making a major commitment to getting organized this year.  As our kids get older it is only going to get harder to keep our chaotic lives in order so I might as well get in the habit now.  I’ll be sure to share any helpful tips along the way!

What is YOUR resolution?

Happy New Year


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