HOW TO: Sugar Cookie Decorating

As promised in this post I am back with a how-to of decorating sugar cookies.  After you have baked the cookies and cooled them you are ready to frost!  Here is the recipe I use for my frosting:


4 c. powdered sugar

3 T meringue powder

6 T warm water

 Place powdered sugar and meringue powder in the mixer and combine.  Add water a little at a time.  Sometimes I don’t add all the water because it gets too runny…you want a slightly thick consistency.

1.  Get a piping bag with a tip and fill with Royal Icing.  I use a #3 Wilton tip to outline the cookie as seen here.

2.  Once you have outlined all the cookies you need to thin the frosting.  Use water to do it.  I make it a thin consistency that so that it spreads out when it is piped on the cookie.  I make it thin enough so that it molds back into itself when poured off a spoon.  Then use the #3 tip again and fill it up but not completely because you then spread it with a knife to fill in the empty spots.

3.  They will look like this when it is all spread out.  Let them dry until they are dry to the touch.  It will take several hours.

4.  Once they are completely dry you can do the detailing on the cookies.  I used to use my Wilton tips to do the detailing until I discovered they make edible markers!  That is what I used on these cookies.  SO much easier than using frosting to detail.

There you have it…super easy!  Now get to decorating those Christmas cookies!


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