Our female lab, Abbi, has been limping for a little over a month now.  Mike took her in at the beginning of November because we thought she re-injured her knee that she had surgery on two years ago.  The vet thought she had a small fracture in her hip.  Gave her some anit-inflammatory meds and told him to bring her back if she was still limping in a month.  So it’s a month later and she is not walking on her back leg at all.  Mike made an appointment for her to go to the vet today.  Vet did another hip xray and saw something that didn’t look right on it.  He then did a body xray and noticed a couple other spots.  The vet is 95% sure that she has bone cancer.  He said that the spots he is seeing are not in the usual spots that it occurs.  We have to decide if we want a biopsy of it to be sure.

This hit me harder than I thought it would.  I wasn’t really prepared for them to give her the C-word diagnosis.  I was expecting to hear she needed a cast on her him or surgery again on her knee.  I was not ready for this.  She is only 8 years old and I have a feeling that we are going to lose both our labs in 2012 because Hunter is not doing well either.  It could be a rough year ahead of us.


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