I wanted to share what we did for Halloween…even if it is a few days late.

We carved some pumpkins.

Here’s the dad getting it started.

#1 son getting out the guts.

#2 son getting the guts out.  For the record both my kids find this disgusting and hate putting their hand in the pumpkin.

Then we dressed up:

All the daycare goblins dressed up!  Two pirates and a parrot for them.  A vampire, kitty cat and Optimus Prime (whoever that is:) and SUPER MAN!

My little vampire.  Simple running pants and shirt we had already.  A cape, necklace and teeth that was purchased and inexpensive.

My handsome pirate.  Another cheap costume…running pants (with black tape over the white stripe) and shirt we had already.  Hat and sword that was from Target.  Vest came from Once Upon a child for $3.50.  Under $20!!

We also did some trick or treating but I decided to leave the camera home this year and just enjoy the moment!  Hope your Halloween was fabulous as well!


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