Hospital stays are the pits…

Just a warning…this may make me sound ungrateful but I promise I’m not!

This hospital business if for the birds!  I don’t enjoy the stays here and neither does Avery.  I am losing patience every moment that we’re here.  Avery has been irritable the past two days.  Crying over everything and nothing at all.  Now don’t get me wrong I, of course, think he deserves every ounce of being irritable but I can only handle so much of the crying.  I have been close to tears several times today with frustration.  The hospital added to that by moving us up to 5th floor and out of the cardiac unit.  They are full down there and apparently feel that Avery is able to handle being out of there but I’m not comfortable with it.  I just want to stay where the drs are easily accessible and where the nurses only care for heart patients.  The move also means that we won’t get the same nurse that we had the past two nights and we LOVED her!  I think the lack of sleep here and the stress of the whole situation is just taking a toll on me!  After tonight we also won’t be getting a room at the Ronald McDonald House which will be not very fun because we’ll both get to squeeze onto a fold out couch that is probably the size of a double bed.

Tonight we are letting Blake stay here and I believe I will be sleeping in Avery’s room.  We have had a better day today than yesterday and I’m hoping the trend continues.  He has been sitting in the chair quite a bit today and that is good because he will breathe better that way.  He has had more of an appetite today so that is also a good thing.  Right now daddy is feeding him a pudding cup and he has mac and cheese on the way.  Tomorrow is to be a day of walking the halls and getting moving a lot more.  Medically he is recovering great!  Once we get all the meds to be oral we should be ready to go home…I think.  Early this coming week is the last I heard and as far as I know there have been no setbacks except the vomiting of the previous days.

I leave you with a picture of my buddy sitting in the chair today…


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