Day of Surgery

I am so happy to report that things have gone so well today.  As well as I could have hoped for.  Avery was the bravest kid I’ve ever seen.  He was cool as a cucumber as we were prepping for surgery (honestly more interested in the GameCube than what the doctors were saying) but I requested that he get NO versed (sedation medication) because it tastes awful and they can’t give him anything to drink.  He went back like a champ and helped get onto the table to be put to sleep.  He picked out his favorite Dr Pepper lip gloss and they put the mask on him.  He laid there calm while I stroked his hand and drifted off to sleep.  I shed a couple tears because it is hard to see your baby like that but I knew he was in wonderful hands.

We had the support of our pastor, Jim, during the beginning wait which was great.  We got a lot of updates today compared to normal.  We had met a male nurse in the elevator on the way to the pre-op appt yesterday and made friends so he saw us this morning and took it upon himself to keep getting us updates.  We are so appreciative and we don’t even know his name!

The surgery went well and the doctor was very pleased with the way things looked when he finished up.  He is hopeful that this is the last surgery he has to perform for Avery.  Any future valves will hopefully be able to be replaced in a cath procedure which means NO incisions and no more scars!!  That is the best news I’ve heard in forever!

I am thinking they will wake him up tomorrow some time…depending on how things go.  I can’t wait to have my talkative, funny baby back.  With that I wanted to share a funny story from yesterday…

We were going for his pre-op appt and ran into Dr Baker who is his cardiologist that performed his cath back in August.  We said hi to him and then we went to the room.  We said something about Dr Baker and Avery told us ‘he doesn’t work here anymore’.  When we asked him what he meant he told us that he quit and went to work at a liquor store!  OMG…NO idea where he got this idea but we were rolling!  We shared it with Dr Baker today and he got a kick out of it.  Can’t wait to hear what else he will come up with before he leaves here!


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