Surgery in A.M.

We are at t-minus 12 hours until surgery.  We had pre-op appointments today and they went well.  He saw his cardiologist first and he gave him the go-ahead.  Then we went over to the hospital to get paperwork figured out and bloodwork done along a visit to child life.  The child life specialist spoke to him about what will happen tomorrow and showed him some pictures so he knows what to expect.

He seems to be okay with everything but he had a nightmare about surgery last night.  He came into my room and said he was scared.  When I asked what he was scared of he said his surgery.  So we talked about it a little bit and he said he was nervous about them poking his chest.  He calmed down and went back to sleep and that is all I’ve heard about it.

I am nervous but hopefully can get some rest tonight.  We have to be there at 7:15 in the morning and he is to start at 8:45.  Thank you to all who have offered any sort of support.  All the prayers are very appreciated!

Be sure to check his caringbridge to stay on top of updates:


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