Lego Themed Birthday Party

Blake is obsessed with Legos.  He has been saving for months to buy the jumbo jet lego set.  So for his birthday I thought a Lego theme was perfect!  I went on the hunt on Pinterest for ideas and found LOTS!

Here’s what I did:

I found the Lego font online and created this banner:

I had Blake make his name out of legos and fill this vase for a centerpiece:

For his friend party I made them each a gift box that looked like a small lego.  I made a tag with each child’s name on in the Lego font.

These adorable cookies were a huge hit and were inspired by this post from Sugarbelle:

We also had to play a couple games.  The first one was a guess how many game with legos in a jar (I forgot the picture).  Then we played a Lego toss game that is similar to skee-ball.

In the third game the kids had to suck a lego onto a straw and move it onto a plate.  They had 2 minutes to see how many they could move to the plate.  It wasn’t as easy as it sounds:)

Then came our family party!  We had the same decorations but added the cakes as a centerpiece too!

We had these great things for the meal:

Cheesy Turkey Sammies

Lego Block Jello from justJENN

 Cookie Salad furnished by Grandma Sue:

Texas Caviar…my friend Lisa over at Radiomom Rhetoric gave me the recipe.

Raspberry Sherbert Slush..just one container sherbert and one 2 liter of 7up

It was so nice to have all our family in our house to celebrate our boy’s birthday!  6 weeks and we’ll be doing another party.


4 thoughts on “Lego Themed Birthday Party

    • Thank you! It was a lot of fun to do. Blake even noticed how much extra details I put into it this time. He said ‘you’ve never done all this before’. I can share my lego head template with you;)

      Can’t wait to plan the Pirate themed one for Avery!

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