Telling the Kids…the aftermath

I will say that I am feeling amazingly better than I did yesterday when I wrote this post.  After a long emotional day we told the kids at supper last night.  Blake seemed unfazed and Avery was upset that his surgery was on Wednesday and he had to miss art!  He cried for a few minutes about missing school but after we talked to him a little bit he calmed down and realized it wasn’t the end of the world.  Then after we were finished it seemed the right time to give them their birthday presents (early).  They each got a Nintendo 3DS.  At least this will distract them from thinking about the surgery too much and Avery will have something to do while waiting in the hospital.

I want to thank EVERYONE for their wonderful support.  Thank you all for the kind words and prayers you are sending.  Thank you to Naomi for the beautiful flowers and also to my husband for the roses.   Everyone has been so wonderful!


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