Pinterest Made Me Do It!

As I told you all before I am in LOVE with Pinterest.  I have been using it and I have actually used many of the ideas I have pinned.  Here are a few I have tried:

I used this pin to create this organization for the tiny spice jars that I have.  I used to have them stacked on the side of the the cupboard but inevitably I would need the jar on the bottom which would result in toppling jars!  This seems to work much better…and of course they are alphabetized:)

I used this pin as inpiration to create this gallery wall in my hallway.


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Made Me Do It!

  1. Seriously—I cracked up when I saw your spices…only because I too saw that idea and was like–Oh–I am doing that! Great Minds think alike…. so-where did you get the tension rods and did you cut them to size?

  2. Great minds DO think alike! I got the tension rods at Walmart and I did not cut them down. I just measured where I wanted to put them and then looked for a rod that fit that size. I bought the smallest size rod they had. Easy peasy!

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