Good People

Every since announcing that Avery will be having surgery people are coming out of the woodwork to offer their help.  I have always known that we have good people in our lives but when things get tough is when you really find out who your friends are…I promise not to break into song…so to speak.  We have had offers to help get Blake to school, offers for places to stay, and many others.  I am so happy that we have these wonderful, generous people in our lives!  I don’t know how we would have gotten through what we’ve gotten through up to this point without these kind of people in our lives.  I am thrilled that we have surrounded ourselves with these types of people and hope that some day we can return the favor!

So here is a major thank you to those who have offered help in any form.  And PLEASE don’t take this as a plea for more offers and don’t feel bad if you haven’t offered anything.  We will be happy with thoughts and prayers as we enter another difficult chapter in our lives.  We will come out of it even stronger than we were going in because of all the support!  Thank you!


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