Growing up Berg

It drives my husband nuts how anal I am about things.  He is not that way and doesn’t understand the mentality of everything having a place and that there is a ‘right’ way (i.e. MY way) to do things.  But I must explain that I come by this naturally.  It is how my dad is and from what I understand how the rest of his family is as well!

Let me give you some examples:

  • When you mow lawn you don’t keep going round and round you trim the ends of a square or section so that you have room to turn around and then you go in straight lines back and forth so that it looks the best.  Growing up on a farm there was a lot of mowing to be done and it had to be done in this particular fashion.  Believe me it does make a difference!  Think of those golf courses that are beautifully sculpted…they have a ‘pattern’, if you will, of how they do it.  Wouldn’t look the same if they didn’t do it that way!
  • Cars should be washed by hand and be sparkly and shiny.  When you wash them you need to wash them and then wipe them down to avoid spots.  Then when you are done with the outside you open the doors and wipe the water off the inside of the doors and the interior with that wet towel.  This one is not high on my list of things I’m anal about but I’m sure my dad cringes when he sees our vehicles, especially during hunting season.
  • My dad’s shop used to be neat and arranged when I was a kid.  I spent lots of time hanging in the shed with my dad as a kid and when he needed a tool he could tell me exactly what drawer and where in the drawer that tool was so I could easily find it.  I definitely subscribe to that mentality which drives Mike nuts!  I don’t know how to train the three boys in my house that EVERYTHING has a spot and should remain in that spot when not in use.  This way you know where to find it when you need it!

Now let me just say that over time I have learned to let some things go…such as laundry.  Mike does all the laundry and while he doesn’t always fold things the way I would or put the towels in the closet where I would but I don’t say much.  I figure that if it is being done I don’t need to complain!  OR I’ll be the one doing it:)  I’m sure there’s a longer list that maybe I’ll have to write about later but this gives you an idea of what I’m talking about.

What are you particular about in your house?


3 thoughts on “Growing up Berg

  1. I have the same lawn issue. It has to be mowed in certain ways…or that annoying lump of grass in the middles…..ugh. I am a freak about folding laundry and towels…well, lets just say nobody taught my hubs how to do it RIGHT. LOL Ok..I had to calm down and just let it happen–but I will tell you, it’s hard!

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