Broken Hearted

My heart is broken!  My youngest starts kindergarten tomorrow and this year the boys are walking to school.  I have practiced their route with them and they are meeting some other kids down the road so they can all cross the busy intersection together.  I was set to walk with them to school the first day because I want to be there to send Avery off but he doesn’t want me to.  He announced to me just before his nap today that ‘they are big and don’t need me to come with’…sob!  Then I said I would just meet them at school so I can say goodbye and he said ‘no’…sob, sob!

I kinda figured that he would change his mind as the day wore on but he insisted I not walk along.  I changed my strategy a bit and told him that I am his mom and I only get to do this once in his life and I was coming.  He’d have to deal!  He gets the rest of the year to be big and not have me with…and I’ll let them walk home alone.  That seemed to ease things a bit.  Nothing more was said and I just let it go.  I tucked him into bed and hoped he fall asleep fast (not something he is known for) but soon heard his little feet coming down the steps to find me.  He then started the tears that they are big and he doesn’t want me to go…boo-hoo!!!  I just said we’d talk about it tomorrow before school.

I have a feeling mom is going to win this one.  I just wish he didn’t want to be grown up so bad.  Or that he could at least pretend to need his mommy still.  I didn’t think I’d cry dropping him off but if he shuns me I just might:(


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