Garden Update

I was just getting ready to share the latest wares from my garden when I read my friend Lisa’s post ‘How does your garden grow?’.  I am quite jealous of her weed free garden as mine has its fair share of weeds but I am very proud of my garden this year.  Here are the latest items that I’ve gotten from my garden:

3rd cucumber out of the garden

The first of the RED in my garden.  One of these is a regular tomato and the others are Roma (which I’ve never planted before).  Can’t wait to taste them.

I am however confused as to what is causing my tomatoes to do this…

I have had this happen in the past.  It is the third year I’ve planted tomatoes.  The first year they did this too and I thought it was because they were in a pot and root bound.  Then last year I planted them in my garden with crappy soil and thought maybe that was it.  Apparently it was neither of those things because they are doing it again this year!  HELP!  It usually takes about half my tomatoes and I don’t like it because we could eat tomatoes all day long in this house.


2 thoughts on “Garden Update

  1. i think the spots on your tomatoes are called ‘blight”, you should ask your dad for sure but if it is there isn’t anything you can do about it. It is caused by the weather. My parents tomotoes are doing the same thing this year and last. wish my tomatoes were turning red but they are just green. On a happy note i counted nine cucumbers on the vines the other night.

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