Raising Boys

I have been a tom-boy type most of my life so I get all the getting dirty, playing in dirt, etc.  I am a cautious person by nature and don’t like to take risks.  Up until lately my boys have mostly been the same.  I LOVE being the mom of boys but there are starting to be things that I just don’t understand.  This summer the boys have started to figure out that they can do a ‘wheelie’ on their bikes so they have been mastering that art.

Two nights ago we all went for a walk and they thought it was fun to ride up the sloped part of people’s driveways and then ride down the curb.  A few times we cautioned them and said that it was a good way to get hurt but they didn’t seem to care.  SO when we were nearly home Mike and I walked up the hill while we allowed Avery to go around the last block.  Guess who came home with big crocodile tears and a bleeding elbow.  I took him into the house to fix him up.  I explained to him that he had learned a very valuable lesson that when mom and dad warn him about something that he should listen to us.  I believe I said the words ‘Mom and dad aren’t so dumb’…to which he responded ‘you are never dumb’.  Well now there we go!  Put that one in the record books!!

To add to the things that I just don’t understand…what is so darn funny about farting and burping?  I can’t complain for the most part they have been good about just saying ‘excuse me’ and moving on, however since seeing some preview for the Muppets movie which says something about ‘fart shoes’ they have been all about it.  So yesterday after lunch the kids were watching cartoons until nap time.  Avery walked over to Blake who was laying on the couch, farted in his face and ran back to his chair laughing.  WHERE DO THEY LEARN THESE THINGS???  Surely not from their mother…and their father doesn’t claim it either.

Wishing I could just shelter them for the rest of their lives but alas that is not going to work!


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