I’m losing it…

For a long time I have been having an issue with forgetting things.  No I’m not getting Some-Timers, I just multi-task too much.  I am constantly thinking about 5 things at a time so I forget the minor things.   Due to this it was a rough weekend for me out camping.  I, of course, was in charge of packing my own things but apparently didn’t do a great job.  I forgot a lot of things!

I forgot to pack my contact case so I had to make do with two small cups…luckily I had my solution to soak them overnight.

I forgot to pack myself a toothbrush.  This is the second time that I have done this in recent weeks.  I also forgot it when I spent the weekend with my family a few weeks ago as well.  I do not do well with grimy teeth!

I also forgot to pack underwear!  YES you read that right.  It should have been something at the top of my list but I generally don’t have a list for packing my clothes because it is just me.  I tell my kids what to pack and they pack their own bags but somehow I forget my own clean underwear!  So I spent 3 days wearing the SAME PAIR of underwear.  That is the first and last time I do that!  Especially since it was a rather warm weekend!

In order to fix this problem I will be putting a new toothbrush in my bag to stay there along with a contact case and bottle of solution.  Hopefully this will eleviate my forgetfulness for camping anyway:)


2 thoughts on “I’m losing it…

  1. That sounds like something I would do! I know have an essentials bag that I keep toiletries in so I don’t forget them, but not sure how to help you with the underwear. lol

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