…my latest obsession!

I had briefly checked this site out after hearing about it but didn’t understand all the wonders of it until my brilliant friend Rachel shared with me how wonderful it is!  I was having a chat night with her and asked her to show me how it works.  It is a wonder of organization and inspiration.  I look at it as a ‘favorites’ page with pictures.  Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ your inspiration to your ‘board’ (which in my mind is like a bulletin board) so it is organized and easy to find.  The great thing is that you can choose which picture you want it to show when you look at your board so you know exactly what it is that you loved about the idea.  The idea behind it is to share inspiration with others so you can also see what the other Pinterest members are in love with.

Currently you need to have an invitation to get in but it is so worth it.  I can’t even put into words how awesome this site is and how many hours that i will be spending on it but I have already found SEVERAL awesome ideas for my boys’ birthday parties and can’t wait to find more!



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