Being a Mom…

…means hurting when your kids hurt and wanting to make it all go away.  I recently read a post over at The Wiegand’s about the heartache that motherhood causes.  Nothing shows us that more than when one of our children hurt.  Last night Avery woke up with a migrane…this is the third one that he has gotten in the past month or so.  Each time it starts with him waking from his sleep crying because his head hurts.  Then just when you think he is settled down again he gets nauseous and has to throw up.  Then it takes another little bit to settle him down and get him to go back to sleep.

Last night I thought I’d just lay with him because that usually helps keep him calm and he goes to sleep.  However, my thinking didn’t seem to work this time.  He continued to cry and I began to cry right along with him because I can’t stand my baby hurting and there is nothing I can do about it.  He said to me that he just needed something to help him….which made me cry more!  Poor baby.  I eventually did get him to settle down and go back to sleep after an hour and a half of being up during the night.  While I was getting him some crackers to settle his tummy he asked me why I was crying too…I simply explained to him that it is a mommy’s job to fix the hurts in their kids and we never want our kids to be in pain.

This morning when he got up he came in my room and told me he was sorry that he woke me up during the night.  Nearly broke my heart that he thought he needed to apologize because I love him to pieces and would do absolutely ANYTHING to ‘fix’ it!


2 thoughts on “Being a Mom…

  1. As a mom it does make one sad…we all want nothing more than to take it all away. I think we have it narrowed down to over-tired so we are just trying hard to watch his sleep!

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