`Remember when I built my own raised-bed garden?  Well they are thriving!  Some of the things are out of control to be honest.  I had to tie up my three tomato plants with several stakes.  I accidentally planted climbing beans and had to place some chicken wire in the garden to contain them…which did a number on my legs!  Everything is growing and I already have a jalepeno pepper that is ready to pick.  I have used some of the basil and oregano and it is fabulous!  I have to find some recipes to use to use the lavendar that I won at a training class I took.  Anyone have a good recipe?  Dessert, meal, etc. 

My first ever jalepeno!  Ready for the eating…

Lavendar and basil. 
Tomatoes all staked up!

Carrots!  They are getting huge.  And to the left that is my romaine lettuce.

How is your garden growing?  Care to share your pics?  Link up with my blog and share your pictures.  Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog. 


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