Milwaukee: Pt 3

Day 3:

We started our final day in Milwaukee with a stop at the hotel waterpark.  I somehow forgot to take ANY pictures of the boys playing there.  After a little while of that we emptied out the hotel room and packed up the car.  We headed down to see Lake Michigan.  I have never seen any of the Great Lakes and wanted to see it.  It was a pretty sight to see all the sailboats out on the lake.  We stopped near a marina so there were lots of boats to see as well.  It would have been a wonderful day to walk along the lake but we didn’t have the time.  So we walked a little ways and found a guy who had actually lived in MN for a while to take our picture as a family.

After our visit to Lake Michigan we were off to find a Rocky Rococo’s for lunch.  Apparently there was one in Mankato when Mike was growing up so he had seen the signs on our way to Milwaukee and insisted we stop at one on our trip.  We had lunch at one in Oconomowoc where we met a college friend of Mike’s and his son.  The pizza was all Mike had hoped for however I was not impressed.

The drive home was pretty much uneventful but it gave me time to reflect on our trip.  Here are a few things we noticed along the way:

  • WI has Wooden sign posts and some wooden signs.  Not on all of their signs but several of them along the way.  This was very odd to me but Mike has seen it before in Iowa.  Actually that is how he determines which side of the border he is on when he hunts near the Iowa/Minnesota border.
  • They sell beer at the zoo.  This too is an oddity to me.  I realize that beer is a major part of the economy in Milwaukee but was still strange to me that a family oriented location would be selling alchohol.
  • Tailgaiting is a BIG deal.  As I mentioned before there were LOTS of tailgaiters at the game but we also had some folks who were tailgaiting in the hotel parking lot!
  • It’s a small world.  When we were checking into the hotel I noticed a family with Twins attire on.  Upon a closer look I noticed that it was a girl who grew up in my hometown…New Richland, MN.  Her and her husband, who live in Ellendale, MN were there with their kids for the game.

It was a great trip for us and we are excited to plan another trip to a different stadium next summer.  It will probably be Kansas City that we visit next year but possibly Chicago.


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