Milwaukee Pt 2

Day 2 of  Milwaukee:

We started off getting up and having breakfast at the hotel.  We set off for the zoo early so we could get there before it got too busy.  Even with a map and a gps we ended up getting lost.  Apparently in Milwaukee they do not believe in cross road signage!  Unlike Minnesota they do not have signs on the stop lights to tell which road you are at so we could not tell where we were going some of the time.  It is a little bit difficult to navigate when you have never been there and do not live there but we made it!  The zoo is a great combination of the MN Zoo and the Como Zoo.  MN Zoo tends to have to large of areas for the animals so you can’t always see them (although I realize this is to the animals advantage) but the Como Zoo has very small cages and it doesn’t seem like the animals have the necessary room to move around.  Milwuakee is a great middle ground.  We met some awesome animals too…a beautiful flamingo that slept with it’s legs bent on the ground (which I’ve never seen), an angry gorilla and many others.  We spent 3.5 hours at the zoo and did not see everything but wanted to get back to the hotel so the kids could nap before the game later in the evening.


After our naps we headed out to the Twins vs. Brewers game.  We had luckily passed the stadium earlier in the day on our way to the zoo so navigating was no problem.  We go there in plenty of time to witness the MASSES of people who were tailgating!  HOLY COW that is a sight!  I’ve never been to an event where people tailgate to that extent.  We kind of wished we would have brought things to join in the fun but we didn’t so we headed into the stadium.  We looked around for a little while, took in some Twins batting practice, and found our seats.  The stadium reminds us of the Twins stadium in the way it is arranged but we only have those two comparisons along with the dome.  The food at Miller park was good but not being a brat fan slimmed down the options for this girl!  I opted for the nachos…which were VERY good!

The boys has lots of fun watching the Brewers mascot slide down a ‘water’ slide each time their team hit a home run…which they did lots of since they smoked the Twins 11-1!  Even though the game was a bust we met some really nice people and had a wonderful time.  Definitely would go back!

Oh and I forgot about this sign…

I think this is an awesome way to keep people under control without pointing fingers!  LOVE that they do this although we were in the family section with no alcohol allowed so this wasn’t an issue.


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