Raising Boys

I have been a tom-boy type most of my life so I get all the getting dirty, playing in dirt, etc.  I am a cautious person by nature and don’t like to take risks.  Up until lately my boys have mostly been the same.  I LOVE being the mom of boys but there are starting to be things that I just don’t understand.  This summer the boys have started to figure out that they can do a ‘wheelie’ on their bikes so they have been mastering that art.

Two nights ago we all went for a walk and they thought it was fun to ride up the sloped part of people’s driveways and then ride down the curb.  A few times we cautioned them and said that it was a good way to get hurt but they didn’t seem to care.  SO when we were nearly home Mike and I walked up the hill while we allowed Avery to go around the last block.  Guess who came home with big crocodile tears and a bleeding elbow.  I took him into the house to fix him up.  I explained to him that he had learned a very valuable lesson that when mom and dad warn him about something that he should listen to us.  I believe I said the words ‘Mom and dad aren’t so dumb’…to which he responded ‘you are never dumb’.  Well now there we go!  Put that one in the record books!!

To add to the things that I just don’t understand…what is so darn funny about farting and burping?  I can’t complain for the most part they have been good about just saying ‘excuse me’ and moving on, however since seeing some preview for the Muppets movie which says something about ‘fart shoes’ they have been all about it.  So yesterday after lunch the kids were watching cartoons until nap time.  Avery walked over to Blake who was laying on the couch, farted in his face and ran back to his chair laughing.  WHERE DO THEY LEARN THESE THINGS???  Surely not from their mother…and their father doesn’t claim it either.

Wishing I could just shelter them for the rest of their lives but alas that is not going to work!


I’m losing it…

For a long time I have been having an issue with forgetting things.  No I’m not getting Some-Timers, I just multi-task too much.  I am constantly thinking about 5 things at a time so I forget the minor things.   Due to this it was a rough weekend for me out camping.  I, of course, was in charge of packing my own things but apparently didn’t do a great job.  I forgot a lot of things!

I forgot to pack my contact case so I had to make do with two small cups…luckily I had my solution to soak them overnight.

I forgot to pack myself a toothbrush.  This is the second time that I have done this in recent weeks.  I also forgot it when I spent the weekend with my family a few weeks ago as well.  I do not do well with grimy teeth!

I also forgot to pack underwear!  YES you read that right.  It should have been something at the top of my list but I generally don’t have a list for packing my clothes because it is just me.  I tell my kids what to pack and they pack their own bags but somehow I forget my own clean underwear!  So I spent 3 days wearing the SAME PAIR of underwear.  That is the first and last time I do that!  Especially since it was a rather warm weekend!

In order to fix this problem I will be putting a new toothbrush in my bag to stay there along with a contact case and bottle of solution.  Hopefully this will eleviate my forgetfulness for camping anyway:)

Fruits of my Labor

Remember that garden?  Well I have gotten a few things out of it so far.  The green beans are flourishing, romaine lettuce needs to all be eaten, cucumbers are growing quickly and the tomatoes are still green but in abundance.  The tomato plants are taller than me (they do have 10″ from the raised bed part but still)!  Here are the second batch of green beans I picked and the first two cucumbers!  These are two of my favorite things that come in summer.  YUM.

My Inspriation

I have recently decided that my bedroom is in need of a makeover.  While I love the red that is currently in there I just feel like it is time for a change.  I have been looking for the right inspiration to spark my interest and I finally found it.  I think I

want a shabby chic bedroom.  I have found a couple things that began my inspriation and I thought I’d share.

The pink color of these roses (although this picture makes them seem brighter pink) is one of the shades I want in my room.

Something about yellow just makes me cheery.  I think this is another color that MUST be in my new room.

I simply can’t wait to get started on collecting things for this room.  I have decided however that i need to collect all my things to put up before I begin the room because what usually happens is that I get going and then have to wait until I find just the right things to put up on the wall, etc.  Not this time…stay tuned for more details!

Pinterest.com…my latest obsession!

I had briefly checked this site out after hearing about it but didn’t understand all the wonders of it until my brilliant friend Rachel shared with me how wonderful it is!  I was having a chat night with her and asked her to show me how it works.  It is a wonder of organization and inspiration.  I look at it as a ‘favorites’ page with pictures.  Pinterest allows you to ‘pin’ your inspiration to your ‘board’ (which in my mind is like a bulletin board) so it is organized and easy to find.  The great thing is that you can choose which picture you want it to show when you look at your board so you know exactly what it is that you loved about the idea.  The idea behind it is to share inspiration with others so you can also see what the other Pinterest members are in love with.

Currently you need to have an invitation to get in but it is so worth it.  I can’t even put into words how awesome this site is and how many hours that i will be spending on it but I have already found SEVERAL awesome ideas for my boys’ birthday parties and can’t wait to find more!


Being a Mom…

…means hurting when your kids hurt and wanting to make it all go away.  I recently read a post over at The Wiegand’s about the heartache that motherhood causes.  Nothing shows us that more than when one of our children hurt.  Last night Avery woke up with a migrane…this is the third one that he has gotten in the past month or so.  Each time it starts with him waking from his sleep crying because his head hurts.  Then just when you think he is settled down again he gets nauseous and has to throw up.  Then it takes another little bit to settle him down and get him to go back to sleep.

Last night I thought I’d just lay with him because that usually helps keep him calm and he goes to sleep.  However, my thinking didn’t seem to work this time.  He continued to cry and I began to cry right along with him because I can’t stand my baby hurting and there is nothing I can do about it.  He said to me that he just needed something to help him….which made me cry more!  Poor baby.  I eventually did get him to settle down and go back to sleep after an hour and a half of being up during the night.  While I was getting him some crackers to settle his tummy he asked me why I was crying too…I simply explained to him that it is a mommy’s job to fix the hurts in their kids and we never want our kids to be in pain.

This morning when he got up he came in my room and told me he was sorry that he woke me up during the night.  Nearly broke my heart that he thought he needed to apologize because I love him to pieces and would do absolutely ANYTHING to ‘fix’ it!


`Remember when I built my own raised-bed garden?  Well they are thriving!  Some of the things are out of control to be honest.  I had to tie up my three tomato plants with several stakes.  I accidentally planted climbing beans and had to place some chicken wire in the garden to contain them…which did a number on my legs!  Everything is growing and I already have a jalepeno pepper that is ready to pick.  I have used some of the basil and oregano and it is fabulous!  I have to find some recipes to use to use the lavendar that I won at a training class I took.  Anyone have a good recipe?  Dessert, meal, etc. 

My first ever jalepeno!  Ready for the eating…

Lavendar and basil. 
Tomatoes all staked up!

Carrots!  They are getting huge.  And to the left that is my romaine lettuce.

How is your garden growing?  Care to share your pics?  Link up with my blog and share your pictures.  Be sure to leave a comment with a link to your blog. 


Because I have the best husband in the world who is supportive of anything and everything I’ve ever wanted to do (as long as it doesn’t affect his hunting season) I am starting on the next trek in my journey to find myself…Focused Photography.  I have loved photography since I was a kid and have been teaching myself how to edit for the past couple years.  I have a long way to go and lots to learn but I’m going to jump in head first and try this out!  So find me on Facebook for the time being and ‘like’ my page.  I will be getting a blog up and going real soon…stay tuned!

Milwaukee: Pt 3

Day 3:

We started our final day in Milwaukee with a stop at the hotel waterpark.  I somehow forgot to take ANY pictures of the boys playing there.  After a little while of that we emptied out the hotel room and packed up the car.  We headed down to see Lake Michigan.  I have never seen any of the Great Lakes and wanted to see it.  It was a pretty sight to see all the sailboats out on the lake.  We stopped near a marina so there were lots of boats to see as well.  It would have been a wonderful day to walk along the lake but we didn’t have the time.  So we walked a little ways and found a guy who had actually lived in MN for a while to take our picture as a family.

After our visit to Lake Michigan we were off to find a Rocky Rococo’s for lunch.  Apparently there was one in Mankato when Mike was growing up so he had seen the signs on our way to Milwaukee and insisted we stop at one on our trip.  We had lunch at one in Oconomowoc where we met a college friend of Mike’s and his son.  The pizza was all Mike had hoped for however I was not impressed.

The drive home was pretty much uneventful but it gave me time to reflect on our trip.  Here are a few things we noticed along the way:

  • WI has Wooden sign posts and some wooden signs.  Not on all of their signs but several of them along the way.  This was very odd to me but Mike has seen it before in Iowa.  Actually that is how he determines which side of the border he is on when he hunts near the Iowa/Minnesota border.
  • They sell beer at the zoo.  This too is an oddity to me.  I realize that beer is a major part of the economy in Milwaukee but was still strange to me that a family oriented location would be selling alchohol.
  • Tailgaiting is a BIG deal.  As I mentioned before there were LOTS of tailgaiters at the game but we also had some folks who were tailgaiting in the hotel parking lot!
  • It’s a small world.  When we were checking into the hotel I noticed a family with Twins attire on.  Upon a closer look I noticed that it was a girl who grew up in my hometown…New Richland, MN.  Her and her husband, who live in Ellendale, MN were there with their kids for the game.

It was a great trip for us and we are excited to plan another trip to a different stadium next summer.  It will probably be Kansas City that we visit next year but possibly Chicago.