For some people camping is not their idea of rest and relaxation.  However it is mine!  It takes me away from our home which I am in all the time, constantly seeing that ‘to-do’ list that needs my attention.  It makes our family connect like we don’t when our lives are so busy and we are running in different directions all the time.  It forces my kids to play games they normally wouldn’t, play outside instead of playing the Wii, and ride bikes.

This is the camper that we use.  Mid-70s version of the Mallard brand camper.  Complete with 70s colors on the cushions of the seats/bed.  This is the camper that my dad has had as long as I remember.  It is the one that I grew up in and have made lots of memories in it.  Now my kids and husband have been lucky enough to make more memories with me as we camp a few times a year and sleep in this camper.

The camper isn’t ideal as far as room for all of us to sleep where we’d like, for instance Mike sleeps by himself on one of the beds as the biggest bed just isn’t big enough for the two of us and he winds up tossing and turning all night keeping us both up even with me hugging the wall as much as possible;)  I usually sleep with one of the kids on the ‘big’ bed and the other sleeps on the small bed next to me.  It works for us right now.

Mike and I just started talking about getting something a little bigger in the next year or so…whenever we find the right deal.  It would be nice to have our very own functioning bathroom and not have to borrow or hump it to the campground bathrooms.  But then it is camping and it isn’t that big of deal!

So do you camp?  How do you relax?


2 thoughts on “Camping

  1. I would love to have a trailer or something….currently-we have a pretty BIG 2 room tent. But we don’t use it that much anyway–so it’s ok! We are going to the Dells in August–a resort..but the boys still want to camp!

  2. Having a trailer comes with lots of other issues too though…where to store, fixing what’s broken, etc. Never been to the Dells…driving by it today though:)

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