Light Bulbs

We’ve all seen them and heard all the hype.  Mike and I decided to switch over to these bulbs a few years back to see if they really would save us money.  While it is hard to say if they save us energy money monthly and sometimes the bulbs are not as bright until they warm up but we like them.

Today one of the bulbs in our kitchen went out.  When we started using these bulbs we decided to write the date we installed them on the bulb…partly because they have a warranty of some sort on the package.  The one that I changed today was one of the original bulbs we put in place.  The date on it is 1/24/07!  The bulb has lasted us nearly 4 and a half years!  I am super amazed.

I know for sure that these bulbs are saving us money even though they cost a bit more up front!


2 thoughts on “Light Bulbs

  1. We have these all over my house. Remember when they used to be super spendy?? Well, thank goodness the price has gone down-but when they were like 7.00 each, my hubby and I switched them slowly in our old house. Then we moved.

    I might have gone and switched the spendy ones for the old cheap inefficient ones and brought the bulbs with me.

    LOL–I have no shame!

  2. I am pretty sure that I never bought them when they were $7.00 each:{ I was too poor back then. I would have totally done the same with the switching! That’s alot of money!

    Hope the new owner of your old house isn’t reading:)

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