Memorial Weekend

I know this is overdue but I still had to write about it.  It was quite a weekend.  Lots of family time, some minor ‘surgery’ and some life saving!

We started the weekend by taking the kids to stay with Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Patty so that we could go see Hangover 2.  TOTALLY worth it.  That movie is great.  As good as the first one.  Sometimes with sequels it is hard because the first was so good but let me say I laughed just as hard even though it was basically a copy of the storyline from the first movie which made it kind of predictable.  After the movie we met some friends for drinks.  It was very nice to come home to an empty house and get to sleep in!

Saturday morning we got up and got a few things done around the house and packed up the truck for the weekend ‘camping’ at my dad’s farm.  The weather wasn’t spectacular but it was good enough that we could be outside and got to have a fire.  At nap time we laid the kids down in the camper and as I was giving Blake a kiss he said to me that the bump on his head (which he had complained about earlier in the week but I never found anything) still hurt and moved!  I was confused so I examined it and found TWO ticks attached to his head along with dried blood from hundreds of bites from them.  One of the ticks had begun to suck his blood and was swollen up.  The other was attached but not swollen.  I kinda freaked because those are one ‘bug’ that I can’t handle!  We ran to the house to get them out.  Not knowing what to do to get them out without leaving the head in we tried vaseline which grandma Patty thought would smother them and make them back out…it didn’t work.  She called her dad who lives in an area with lots of ticks and he said to use alcohol to get them to back out.  It kinda worked but it still involved a lot of work to get them to come out.  The swollen one was pretty attached (if that is the right word) and hurt when we pulled it out.  I felt bad for the kid but knew it had to come out!  YUCK!  After that excitement our kids did not sleep, of course:)

The rest of Saturday was spent outside.  We had a fire, watched my brothers act like children and shoot a potato gun and made some smore’s before putting the kids to bed.  Then the adults sat around the fire and b.s.’d until late.  It was very nice to sit around and just be a family.  We don’t get to do that very often.

Sunday was not such great weather and we spent much of it inside.  The kids all got along well and having ‘new’ toys they don’t get to play with often helped them stay busy.

Monday morning we pretty much just vegged inside.  The kids watched some cartoons and I caught this cute moment with my nephew and Avery watching cartoons together.

We hung around until after lunch and then packed up the truck and went home.  On our way home we encountered a momma dear crossing the road with one of her babies (there was another in the ditch).  We stopped the truck to let them cross.  The momma kept going to distract us from the babies but the baby just stood in the road.  I couldn’t just leave it there so I got out to shoo it out of the road and into the ditch with its twin who was crying for someone to come be with it.  The baby didn’t want to go to the ditch..poor thing was probably just too scared.  So I picked it up and carried it to the side of the road hoping it would go down the ditch by the twin.  No such luck.  With another car coming Mike got out and carried it into the ditch with its twin and they both laid down.  I pray the momma came back for them but everyone we talked to seemed to believe that she would.  They were so adorable and had to be very new.  The baby was not even up to my knee and couldn’t have weighed more than 10 lbs.

After that excitement we brought the kids home so they could have a nap.  Then we took a trip to the cemetary to visit Mike’s dad’s grave and went out for supper at The Lake’s in Lake Crystal.  Overall it was a very relaxing weekend!

So that was our Memorial weekend.  How was yours?



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