TUTORIAL: Bookshelf

Doing daycare I have a HUGE collection of books (I’m pretty sure I have not thrown away a single book since my kids were born except those that were ruined) and I have most of them up on high shelves because if I leave them all down they just end up all over the place.  So I needed something to contain them but still allow the kids to have access to them.  I found some inspriation over at Ana-White.com with her Flat Wall Bookholders.  I have modified it to fit the scrap wood that I had leftover from building my bed.

Here’s what you need:

3 – 1×4 boards @ 34″

 2 – 1×4 boards @ 8.5″

2 – narrow trim boards @ 35.5″

Brad Nailer Gun

1 3/8″ nails

Air Compressor

1.  Align two of the 34″ boards in an ‘L’ shape.  Nail along the bottom edge, making sure that the nail goes straight.

2.  Align one of the short pieces of 1×4 so that it matches up with both sides of the ‘L’.  This will be the end of your shelf.

3.  Attach the second short board in the same manner as the first one.

4.  Now attach the final longer 1×4 to the back of the shelf…leaving a space between the two and making it even with the top of the ends of the shelf.

5.  You are nearly done!  Now attach the trim boards to the front to hold the books in.  Attach the first one about 1/2″ above the bottom of the shelf.  Then the second one should be about an inch above the first one.

6.  That is it!  So easy and as I said I used scrap wood I had leftover from building my bed.  I painted mine to fit in with the daycare room.  I would paint the pieces first if I was to do it again.  It was difficult to get to the inside to paint it.


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