My Creative Child

Yesterday after school Blake came to me and asked to use the glue.  I told him he could if it didn’t make a mess.  Then he came and asked if he could use a scissors too.  I said yes but questioned what he was making.  He just said ‘something for dad’.  Let me tell you what this child can do with paper, markers and glue is amazing sometimes!  Just before supper he came back upstairs with this:

It is a paper Target Field.  You can’t see it well but it even said ‘Target Field’ down low behind home plate.  When Mike asked if he made something like this at school he said no he just decided to make one.  This kid is going to make some money some day with this talent.  I am great at copying ideas that I see but I am not one to come up with things on my own!  I am so impressed…maybe he can invent something someday and let his momma retire:)


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