The Wedding

No, I’m not talking about the royal wedding!  I’m talking about my brother’s wedding!  Last weekend in the rain and cold two people exchanged vows in an emotional ceremony.  While it was FREEZING in the building where the wedding ended up being held (because of the rain) it was great to see them say their vows and complete their family!  Here are some shots from the wedding/dance.

The happy couple…Janelle and Nakia

Beautiful bride with her kiddos…Braydon & KayleeAhna

Nakia & Braydon

The Family

Feeding each other cake…they were way too nice to each other:)

The couple

Miss KayleeAhna saying ‘cheese’

The ‘Berg’ family

The Como Family

My grandparents…Harlan & Leah.  Married nearly 71 years!

My brother Sonny and his girlfriend Amy…taken by Avery.


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