Surveys, Surveys Everywhere!

Has anyone else noticed that EVERY store seems to have a survey on the bottom of their receipts?  They drive me nuts!  Running a business I have to save receipts and in order to minimize the space these receipts take up I end up tearing off the surveys.  This is a pile from two weeks of receipts!  Some of them promise a $1,000 winner every week, others give you a discount code if you respond and some don’t give you anything for participating.  I personally no longer participate in any of them because I have yet to win anything or know anyone who has!  It isn’t worth it to me to take the time unless I have an exceptionally good or bad experience which doesn’t happen often.  I honestly think that the stores are spending so much money on paper and ink to print these and wonder if they are worth it to them.

How about you?  Do you respond?  Toss them?  Have you won the money they promise?


5 thoughts on “Surveys, Surveys Everywhere!

  1. I never used to but at Lowes part of Casey’s bonus hinges on survey results. So, I do those. That is about it though.

  2. I hate these too! I deal with them too much at work and always throw them away. Some places, like Walmart are smart enough to try and save on the paper (finally) and are printing on both sides.
    I haven’t responded to any for a long time, as I have never won anything either.

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