Cell Phones

I have to vent a little bit today because I think that common courtesy has gone out the window with the introduction of cell phones.  People are constantly accessible because most of us have a cell phone with us at all times.  I feel like there used to be a time of day at which you no longer made a phone call, but it seems these days there is no cutoff time to when I recieve a phone call or text message.  In the past few weeks I have received several texts after 10 pm.  Generally I’m in bed by 9:30 and do not want to be woken up!  My cut off for calling/texting people is 9 pm and if it is after that I KNOW that this person is up and/or waiting for me to text.  The thing that drives me crazy is that when i get a text and don’t hear the original notice it will continue to beep loudly all night long until I check it.  It usually ends up that i hear them at 2 or 3 am and then I am up and wide awake!

PLEASE look at the time before you call someone or text them.  I think it is a common courtesy needs to make a comeback!  If you need to reach me after 9 pm then email me!


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