TUTORIAL: Splitting Hostas

I purchased some hostas from my neighbors that they split from their own landscaping.  I have had them for a few years and they are starting to get too big for what I want so I decided to try my hand at splitting them.  It is super easy!  Here is how I did it:

JUST A NOTE:  It is best/easiest to split them when the leaves have not come out yet.

 1. I have mine in my river rock landscaping so I had to pull all the rocks back so I could get to the plant.

2.  I am not sure this is the ‘proper’ way to split them but it’s how I did it and they are still growing.  I put my shovel in between the sections where I wanted to split them and pushed it in.  This divides the root ball into two sections and allowed me to pull it apart.  As you can see the roots to the section I split are still attached.  Don’t worry if a couple of the buds get lost in the process…it will be fine. 

3.  If you are transplanting the section you took out you will need to dig a hole deep enough to have all the roots in the ground. 

4.  Place the separated plant into the hole.  Fill the dirt back in around the plant, fill the rock back in (if you have it) and water.  Simple as that!

5.  If you are going to sell them or give them to someone else just put them in an ice cream bucket with some soil and water them until you are ready to plant them. 

Can’t wait to get this gardening season in full swing.  I am working on building a raised bed garden so I will be posting about that soon!



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