Our Easter was spread out to two weekends but both were very fun!  Two weekends ago we celebrated with my family.  It is so much fun to hang out with other kids around.  The kids all did an egg hunt which ended up being inside because of the cold, wet weather! 

The official Easter weekend was kicked off by us hosting an egg hunt.  I arranged that we could use the grass lot at the church across the street to hide the eggs.  We had 22 kids show up and it was great fun for all!  It was finished off by a snack of homemade cinnamon rolls and OJ.  Great start to the weekend!

Easter day we hunted for our baskets and then went to church (for the first time in way too long) and then headed off to Grandma Sue’s house for lunch.  I regret to say that I brought my camera but I didn’t even take it out and get pictures of my boys playing baseball.  It was nice to have some beautiful weather for once.  I did capture one picture from the day of the boys with their Easter baskets.  The bunny brought them new bats and they both posed as if they were going to hit without me even saying a word…I think they are trained (or just obsessed)!


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