I SPY: Around the Home

I am participating in a link up to Little Miss Momma and her I SPY series.  This week is Around the Home.  So here is what I SPY around my home…

I SPY an adorable bunny candy dish filled with jelly beans I can’t stop eating.

I SPY a bunch of Easter eggs filled with candy and ready for the egg hunt on Saturday.

I SPY a bunch of dirty socks under #1 son’s bed.  This kid is notorious for leaving things under the bed!

I SPY an adorable baby.  She is my only daycare girl and I just adore her (not that I don’t love the boys too).

I SPY some spots on the wall that still need paint after the bathroom project.  We had some plaster fall off on the other side of the wall…and have yet to be fixed:)

I SPY my love #2 with a big black eye and missing tooth.

I SPY my love #1…half smiling.  I’m surprised he even looked at me for the picture:)  Don’t you just want to pinch those cheeks?

I SPY my gorgeous jewelry rack which is slowly but surely filling up with fun jewelry.

I SPY some amazing cinnamon rolls ready for the egg hunt Saturday morning.  They are so delicious…and they are from Pioneer Woman.

I SPY all my loves in this beautiful frame.  I took all these pictures…I’m so proud of myself;)

I SPY the hat of my main squeeze which is for once not laying on the dishwasher in my way.

I SPY the car seats of my daycare kids from our field trip this morning.  It was so much fun to get out of the house with them…thanks Kris!

I SPY my favorite non-portrait picture that hangs in my kitchen.  I loved this picture the moment I saw it!

Join in the fun and link up your own blog to Little Miss Momma. 




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